The Love of Comfort Food

The Love of Comfort Food

Everyone has their favorite comfort food that appeals to them. Basically, these foods are full of energy, sweet and with lots of fat. Foods like ice cream, chocolate and French fries have the ability to make you feel better as well as give distractive pleasure.

Feel good foods
girl eating chocolate

When you consume food that is high in salt, sugar and fat, your brain reward system gets activated. For instance, chocolate has an effect on the mood and they can make you feel quite pleasant and happy. Foods that are considered to be highly palatable have a similarity with addictive drugs in that they activate similar brain areas. A study conducted on a group of people suffering from obesity indicated that the areas of the brain that are linked with drug rewards were also activated by highly palatable foods.

Comfort food role in self-medication

Over the years, a connection has been identified that connects unhealthy foods with negative emotions. This phenomenon is known as emotional eating. When people are in a bad mood, they are attracted to unhealthy foods which act as a coping mechanism. On the flipside, when people are experiencing good moods, they are likely to prefer healthy foods. However, a study indicated that comfort foods facilitated the relief from bad moods but other types of foods also achieved this effect. It’s important to note that consumption of comfort foods can contribute to increased bad moods because of the crash that happens after you have experienced a very high mood. This can take about two days to disappear.

Need to belong to a particular group

Normally, people tend to relate some foods with family members as well as family gatherings. As such, it’s normal for people to turn to these foods whenever they are feeling lonely and they want to bring on the sense of security. Here, the entire power of the comfort food is in the pleasant and secure social associations they call to mind.  To illustrate, if you are attending college for your first time and you feel lonely, certain foods can remind you of the relationships that you’ve left back home. As a result, individuals with good relationships at home have a higher tendency to reach out to the comforting foods.

Nostalgic eating
fried chicken

Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between scents and associated emotional memories. The aroma of specific types of foods can lead to vivid memories we have experienced. This is simply because your past experiences can condition you to like certain foods. For example, deep-fried foods can make you remember some pleasant childhood memories making get an improved mood.

Special occasions

People tend to associate with special moments but they are also linked with unhealthy foods. In most cases, the unhealthy foods are reminders of birthdays, weddings, and thanksgivings. From the surface, the most appropriate choice is to indulge in the foods but when you consider the long-term health effects, eating more healthy food is the right call. But in most cases, people partake in this habit by simply telling themselves that they will start over tomorrow and eat healthy foods.

Presentation is Everything

How food is presented is critical to both its flavor and taste. Food presentation can be loosely defined as the modification, processing and decoration of food to improve the overall appeal. Normally, the way food looks when it’s served will tempt you to taste it and confirm if it’s as tasty as it looks. This can be likened to a messy room but when it’s cleaned up and neatly organized, it appears even better. The same is perfectly true with food when it’s arranged well on a plate.

food on plate

Therefore, the importance of food presentation can’t be ignored because it can brighten or dim the prospects of a restaurant as well as make a dinner party an event to remember. But most people keep on wondering what they should include in the components for a perfect food presentation. Similarly, you should be aware of the important focus areas when you are presenting the food before your guests. This is the main reason why food magazines and cookbooks have experienced food stylists for every dish. Their job is to design and arrange the food in such a way that each glance will activate your appetite and you can’t help but purchase the book and a fresh new apron to try out the recipes. For most people, food that has a great appearance is more enticing and satisfying.

Irrespective of how delicious the food is, if the serving utensils are not presentable, your guests won’t be eager to get a bite. In addition, all the plates should be matching the occasion at hand. If your guests are kids, settle on plates as well other presentation formats that will encourage the children to enjoy the food. In short, children will love funny and creative presentation designs as opposed to traditional or serious food presentations.

However, you must realize that food presentation should be perfectly timed. This means that it’s futile to present food with a fancy presentation but it’s already cold and it’s supposed to be served when it’s sizzling hot. As such, you must ensure that you don’t spend too much time designing the food.

While some foods will be alright without any garnishing, some dishes appear quite mediocre in the absence of the appropriate garnish. For instance, beef will be more appetizing when garnished and the serving plate is more colorful.

beef steak

Nevertheless, you should always strive to strike the perfect match between the size of your plates and the amount of food served. When the plate is too petite and you put more than enough food, it will not only appear overcrowded but messy too. At the same time, serving a small portion of food on a huge plate will appear un-proportional and sparse.

In addition, you should master the food presentation basics like trying your best not to serve hot food using cold plates. Similarly, cold foods must never be served on a hot plate.

When you demonstrate your concern for how the served food appears, you are communicating to the guests that you care and you are also proud and confident in the food. Besides, everyone will appreciate the effort to make them like the food.  

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